. Tweeter


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28mm soft dome with very low distortion, designed to provide the best performances in its price range.


It can challenge many more expensive competitors.

We recommend to use this tweeter from 3500 with 12dB/Oct. high-pass filter.


T&S parameters

Fs : 1000Hz

SPL : 90dB /2,8V /1m

Re : 5.2Ω

Qms : -

Qts : -

Bl : 2.65N/A

VAS : -

Mms : 0.24g

Sd : 6.16cm²

Frequency responses

On IEC baffle

Distance: 1m

Signal input: 2,83V

High-pass at 500Hz (48dB/Oct)

Dash curves: 30° & 60°

Smoothing: 1/12 Octave

Mechanical drawing

Unit: [mm]

28mm damped soft dome

Suspension integrated on the dome

28mm CCAW voice coil

Vented Aluminum former

Rear chamber built in motor structure

Advanced pole piece design

Aluminum front plate

16500 Gauss on 2.4mm height

Advanced design

Konstant BI(X).png
Kombo magnets.png
Crédit photo: .Kartesian company
Konstant Le(X).png


Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

Application example

Loudspeakers used:

Compact monitoring solution suitable for small room or close listening situation.

It covers 50 - 22000Hz with very accurate sounding, without coloration commonly noted on compact monitoring system.

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