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. dynamiK spider

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

.dynamiK spider stiffness is 2 times more linear than regular spider

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The spider has been neglected by many speaker brands, considering it as the "k[mm/N]" which allow to adjust Fs[Hz] according to the existing moving mass.
The strength of conventional spider isn't linear, and its variation gives rise to Fs[Hz] variation according to cone excursion.
As a consequence, the bass response depends on sound pressure.
- We have developed an exclusive corrugation profile which keep constant Cms[mm/N] on the full excursion.
The non-linearity measurements and the listening session show the merits of our innovation

. Kompliance

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

.Kompliance reduce the mechanical lost in the surround by 55% compared with regular rubber

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- The surround is a multitasking part of the speaker.
- Its parameters based on the material, the shape, the size affect significantly the frequency response, and the performances.
- Furthermore, it is a part of Cms[mm/N], so it must be designed in accordance with spider stiffness.
- We have worked on surround material (low shore NBR) to reduce the mechanical lost, but also on the shape to perfectly match with cone profile and spider stiffness curve.

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