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. Konstant Bl(X)

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.Konstant Bl(X) provides constant force factor at +/-5% over the full linear excursion

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Get a constant force factor over the full cone excursion is a key point to keep very low distortion. The best solution is the under-hung voice coil, which means the voice coil is shorter than the height of magnetic gap. This solution is very seldom been used because the magnetic field in the gap is much lower than the conventional overhung solution… and use a bigger magnet and larger steel marts, which is more expensive. In order to approach the performances of under-hung voice coil, some high-end products make a compromise with voice coil just a little bit shorter than pole piece. This solution allows to keep competitive price, and surpass conventional over-hung products performances Thanks to our dual magnets design, and the optimized geometry of the pole pieces, we provide constant force factor over the full nominal excursion, we avoid low magnetic field value, and we keep competitive price. These curves compare the force factor over the rest position of a high-end 3" mid-woofer (competitor), and a 3" mid-woofer using our Konstant Bl(X) technology.

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. Konstant Le(X)

.Konstant Le(X) provides constant inductance at +/-5% over the full linear excursion

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Inductance variation according to the frequency and the cone excursion creates distortion. The engineering target is to keep the inductance constant on both criteria: - Constant when frequency increase - Constant when cone excursion increase Keep the inductance constant when frequency increase is already achieved on some good loudspeakers using demodulation rings, or low inductance voice coil. Keep the inductance constant around the rest position, when the cone excursion increase is another challenge hat we solve thanks to Konstant Le(X) technology. The curves below show the variation of the inductance around the rest position. - On the left: High end 3" mid-woofer using regular cooper ring - On the right: 3" mid-woofer using Le(X) technology Konstant Le(X) is based on Aluminum and cooper rings, strategically positioned, but also the geometry of the pole pieces has been carefully engineered. The inductance is linear in any circumstances.


. foKus field

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.foKus field increase the magnetic field by 20% on the voice coil

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- Magnetic field is a topic more complicated than using oversized magnet, or exotic vintage grade.
- Provide intense magnetic field to the voice coil doesn't means nothing, and can lead up to up-cost without any performance improvement.
- For each of our speaker, we develop the motor structure with accurate dynamic simulation, and prove it out their relevance through measurements