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. Koupled chambers

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Increase the tweeter sensitivity in the midrange by 3dB and reduce the distortion

Can I attend the monthly meeting if I haven't paid my dues?

Absolutley! We strongly encourage you to participate in every capacity possible. All are welcome to attend the meetings

Why does the chapter have dues?

Great question. The dues are used to cover operational cost, events, refreshments, etc and we hope to have a LaMaurice Gardner Memorial Fund to assist college students, please read below The LaMaurice Gardner Memorial Fund shall be maintained to honor
the memory of Dr. LaMaurice Gardner and to provide monies to assist
Black psychology students while in their doctoral programs.
Section 1. The LaMaurice Gardner Memorial Fund shall be
administered by the Executive Committee through their appointed fund
committee members.
Section 2. The duties of the Executive Committee are to designate the
manner of collecting and distributing funds and to inform the family of 13 Dr. Gardner of all significant events concerning this fund, during their

What are some of the activites that the chapter offer?

Professional Development Seminars Case Conferences Community Events Adovocacy Peer Consultation Current Events Discussions Racial Related Issues Annual Pre-Kwanzaa Event/Hustle/BBQ Collabration with Other Organizations

Can I make a donation without joining?

Absolutley, we welcome financial support from individuals and instiutuions who missions align with ours.

Do I have to be a Psychologist to join?

No. We offer different membership packages, for student and practioners. Please see our membership section

Do I have to RSVP to attend the monthly meeting?

No, RSVP is neccesary. Join us every 1st Friday of the month.

. Kiet air flow

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Ensure soft part venting without any air flow noise

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- Manage the air flow in the speaker is important to cool down the voice coil, and avoid any inner resonation.
- Nevertheless, for the speakers with high cone excursion, keep the air flow quiet in any situation is challenging; noises happen in the air flow with air speed variation.
- We have developed special items, strategically located to manage the air flow and keep its speed constant.
- As a result, our speakers keep quiet working, without any air flow noise, even during the highest cone excursion.

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

. Kooling


Improve heat dissipation for higher power handling

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Tweeters are sealed speakers, so the roll off depends on the size of the rear chamber. Many brands have developed tweeters with rear chambers to decrease Fs[Hz] and allow lower crossover point, which is really interesting. We have deeply analyzed how the rear chamber works, and how it affects the acoustic performances, especially the distortion. Our .Koupled chambers solution uses inner resonator, which makes the tweeter working as a speaker in a vented enclosure in low frequency. This innovation increase the tweeter sensitivity in the midrange and limit the dome excursion. As a consequence, the distortion is significantly reduced in this sacred band, where the human ear is very sensitive. The measurement below compare our Twt28_vMS with and without Koupled chamber. The measurement has been done at the maximal power handling. - Red : Koupled chambers - Green : No coupled chambers