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Our mission

We are dedicated to audio excellence.

We help to continually improve the sound quality of the audio products through innovation.

For more than a decade, we have developed innovative technology which are integrated in our product line-up.

These products can be modified to satisfy your technical requirements and brand spirit.

​We also support exclusive loudspeaker design from scratch (engineering, prototyping and production).

Corporate values

Innovation - Quality - Competitiveness

About us

Located in the north-est of France, we are electro-acoustic experts, dedicated to advanced loudspeakers and audio technology.


Our customers are international high-end audio, Hi-Fi, multimedia and professional brands.

We only work with suppliers oriented to innovation, able to follow our demanding quality process.

We have selected the bests suppliers for each loudspeaker component (magnet, frame, voice coil, ...) all over the world.

Full process, from engineering to production is located in France.

Pour les clients Français, nous disposons d'un agrément du ministère de la recherche et de l'enseignement supérieur vous donnant accès à des crédits d'impôt recherche pour travaux que nous réalisons.

Mentions légales:

Raison sociale : Kartesian / Forme juridique de la société : SARL

Adresse du siège social : 1 rue Jean Sapidus, 67400 Illkirch, FRANCE

Montant du capital social : 29 518€ / Gérant : M. Clément Lambert

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