. Compression drivers


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1,5inch compression driver able to reproduce large bandwidth (700 - 20000Hz at +/-3dB), with a very low distortion rate (lower than 0.5%), and 106dB sensitivity.


Diaphragm is made of specifically treated and sanded titanium which avoid intense dome break-up.

Motor structure use powerfull NdFeB magnet and our dual demodulation system based on Al + Cu rings keep very low non-linearity

T&S parameters

Fs : 720Hz

SPL : 106dB /2,8V /1m

Re : 6.2Ω

Qms : -

Qts : -

Bl : 16,4N/A

VAS : -

Mms : 0.52g

Sd : 33.9cm²

Frequency responses

On IEC baffle

Distance: 1m

Signal input: 2,83V

Impedance dash curve: with horn

Impedance full line: no horn

Smoothing: 1/24 Octave

High pass filter at 500Hz, 24dB/Oct

Exponential horn used:

mouth Ø365mm; length: 133mm

Mechanical drawing

Unit: [mm]

Advanced design

Treated Titanium dome

Reinforced diaphragm coupling

KSV former - CCAW ribbon coil

Advanced suspension geometry

65mm CCAW voice coil

Optimized pole pieces

Demodulated by Aluminum & Cooper rings

High grade NdFeB magnet (N40H)

21500 Gauss on 3.5 mm height

Injected aluminium back chamber

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

To be noted

More details coming soon

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

Application example

Loudspeakers used:

Next generation of PA system with low profile, wide frequency range, high power handling, and very low distortion.

All these features are brought together thanks to our innovative 10" low profile PA speaker, and our advanced 1.5" compression driver.

To be used from 50Hz to 20000Hz (-3dB).

95dB/2.8V/1m sensitivity,

500W power handling (1000W music program).

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