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​Diameter: 250mm

Fs: 26Hz

SPL: 88dB/2,8V/1m

Re: 4.2Ω

25 -  500Hz


​Diameter: 180mm

Fs: 31Hz

SPL: 85.5dB/2,8V/1m

Re: 6.2Ω

30 -  800Hz



​Diameter: 120mm

Fs: 46Hz

SPL: 81.5dB/2,8V/1m

Re: 6.6Ω

45 -  3500Hz


​Diameter: 120mm

Fs: 46Hz

SPL: 82dB/2,8V/1m

Re: 6.8Ω

48 -  3000Hz


Note: We improve continually our products. No contractual data.
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