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185_vKi-ODM is a "woofer platform" dedicated to ypur specific _vKi design.

You can find the performances of this ODM version and  select option according to your requirements

T&S parameters

Fs : 35Hz

SPL : 91dB /2,83V /1m

Re : 6.5Ω

Qms : 10%

Qts : 0.27%

Bl : 11.6N/A

VAS : 42.3L

Mms : 26g

Sd : 193.6cm²

Frequency responses

On IEC baffle

Pink noise

Distance: 1m

Signal input: 2,83V

Curve below 100Hz is simulated in 30L, vented enclosure.

Tuning frequency= 40Hz


Dash curves: 30° & 60°

Smoothing: 1/12 Octave

Impedance measured in free air

Wom185_vKi-ODM _Rep Fr + Z.png

Mechanical drawing

Unit: [mm]

Advanced design

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company
Kompund CGF.png
Konstant BI(X).png
Dynamik Spider.png
Konstant Le(X).png
Kombo magnets.png
Surround Kompliance.png
radial magnets.PNG

hexaKone membrane

Carbon fiber dust cap

High compliance NBR surround

Omega surround profile

Under-hung voice coil (78mm)

1 layer CCA ribbon voice coil

Polyimide former

8 high grade NdFeB magnets

8 demodulation cooper spacers

+ 1 Aluminum ring

LCS pole pieces

Optimized vented pole pieces

Innovative .dynamiK spider

Fully opened Aluminum frame

Advanced measurements

Logo KLIPPEL RGB_transparent.png
Note: We improve continually our products. No contractual data.
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