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Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

Wom145_vHE is a very high quality 5' woofer designed to cover 45Hz - 3000Hz in High End products. Its uses an under-hung voice coil, built on Ø26mm Titanium former, and made of only 2 layers for very low inductance value (0.04mH).


The motor structure uses two high grade NdFeB magnets, a cooper ring and specific devices to manage the inductance modulation. It uses rigid and damped CGF cone and low mechanical lost surround for fast and clean transient response.


Thanks to the dynamiK spider, the Fs[Hs] remains unchanged on the full excursion, providing same accurate bass reproduction on wide dynamic range.

T&S parameters

Fs : 44Hz

SPL : 88dB /2.8V /1m

Re : 4.8Ω

Qms : 4.2%

Qts : 0.424%

Bl : 4.92N/A

VAS : 15.6

Mms : 8.6g

Sd : 85cm²

Frequency responses

On IEC baffle

Pink noise

Distance: 1m

Signal input: 2,83V

Low frequency simulated in  vented enclosure, 15L.

Tuning frequency= 40Hz


Dash curves: 30° & 60°

Smoothing: 1/12 Octave

Impedance measured in free air

Wom145_vHE_Official response +Z.png

Mechanical drawing

Unit: [mm]

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

Advanced design

Kompund CGF.png
Dynamik Spider.png
Konstant BI(X).png
Kombo magnets.png
Konstant Le(X).png

Proprietary CGF membrane

High compliance NBR surround

Under-hung voice coil (Ø26mm)

Titanium voice coil former

Demodulated by Cooper ring

LCS pole pieces

Optimized vented T-Yoke

Innovative .dynamiK spider

Fully opened Aluminum frame

Advanced measurements

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Note: We improve continually our products. No contractual data.
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