Engineering support


We are use to sign NDA for innovative projects with valued intellectual property

Advanced motor structure design

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We can adapt our innovative motor structure to your existing speaker and provide competitive advantage through innovation.

We support you for the engineering, the prototyping, and the mass production. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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We use Klippel system to analyse the loudspeaker non-linearity.

Thank to these measurements, we can suggest technical improvements to reduce the THD or enlarge the frequency response.

We measure any loudspeaker and provide measurement repport

Non-linearity analysis

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Even the best sound reproduction systems require acoustic room management to deliver their best performances.

We provide architectural acoustic engineering study in partnership with Klinger Favre.

Architectural acoustic

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Acoustic enclosure

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We have selected the most meticulous supplier in Europe and Asia to provide outstanding wood enclosure.

We can provide acoustic simulation, design sketching, 3D rendering, 2D drawing, prototypes, and direct contact for mass production.

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Multimedia products improvement

We provide our innovative technology in multimedia products.

It can be done for a new product design or for an updated version.

Each of this mission in Multimedia product has been a great success:

It gives decisive competitive advantage to any product. 


DSP adjustment

We have developed our own solution to increase the bass and give impressive results with small loudspeakers.

We can balance the sound colouration according to your brand image.