.Engineering support

We provide engineering support in many acoustic fields.

Advanced motor structure design

The motor structure is a very important part of a loudspeaker.

It defines performances through Bl(x) & Le(x) non linearity, and it can be an interesting leverage for cost saving.

We can adapt our innovative motor structure to your existing speaker and so provide competitive advantage through innovation.

We support you for the engineering, the prototyping, and the mass production. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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We can support the electronic parts of your project: Power amplifier, Power supply, DAC, DSP, Passive crossover, ...

We can deliver engineering report, Gerber files, prototypes, or ready to use modules with the required interface.

We have supported project in the audio world, but also in automotive and telecommunication industry.

Analog & Digital electronic

Even the best sound reproduction systems require acoustic room management to deliver their best performances.

We provide architectural acoustic engineering study in partnership with Klinger Favre.

We believe that listening session to evaluate the products in suitable auditorium is a fundamental step during the development.

Let's start your room!

Architectural acoustic

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Acoustic enclosure

The loudspeaker enclosure is a key point to make the loudspeaker working optimally, but it is also the aesthetic master piece of the product.

We have selected the most meticulous supplier in Europe and Asia to provide outstanding wood enclosure.

We can provide acoustic simulation, design sketching, 3D rendering, 2D drawing, prototypes, and direct contact for mass production.

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

Multimedia products improvement

We can provide our experiences and innovative technology in multimedia products. It can be done for a new product design or for an updated version. We have also supported company working with sourced products to integrate improvement and make unique very competitive offer. Each of this mission in Multimedia product has been a great success: it gives a "high performance" touch to any product which is a decisive competitive advantage. 

DSP adjustment

Nowadays, DSP is a competitive solution to get enhanced sound quality.

We have developed our own solution to increase the bass and give impressive results with small loudspeakers. We can also balance the sound coloration according to your brand image.

We continually stay aware of the last solution from the major company, and we are ready to integrate it.