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Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

Wom185_vKi is the ultimate woofer to reproduce the frequency range from 35Hz to 2200Hz in a relatively compact enclosure (30 to 35L).

The T&S parameters, including force factor and resonance frequency remains unchanged over +/-10mm excursion, ensuring your system to preserve the full dynamic range of the audio signal, especially in low frequency

Every single details has been engineered to provide the best performances, without any compromise.

T&S parameters

Fs : 36Hz

SPL : 90.5dB /2,83V /1m

Re : 6.5Ω

Qms : 8.8%

Qts : 0.29%

Bl : 11.66N/A

VAS : 37.1L

Mms : 28g

Sd : 193.6cm²

Official Rep +Z.png

On IEC baffle

Pink noise

Distance: 1m

Signal input: 2,83V

Curve below 100Hz is simulated in 30L, vented enclosure.

Tuning frequency= 40Hz


Dash curves: 30° & 60°

Smoothing: 1/12 Octave

Impedance measured in free air

Frequency responses


Mechanical drawing

Unit: [mm]

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

Advanced design

Kompund CGF.png
Konstant BI(X).png
Dynamik Spider.png
Konstant Le(X).png
Kombo magnets.png
Surround Kompliance.png
radial magnets.PNG

hexaKone membrane

CGF dust cap

High compliance NBR surround

Omega surround profile

Under-hung voice coil (78mm)

1 layer CCA ribbon voice coil

Titanium former

8 high grade NdFeB magnets

Demodulated by 2 Cooper rings

+ 8 cooper spacers

+ 2 Aluminum rings

LCS pole pieces

Optimized vented pole pieces

Innovative .dynamiK spider

Fully opened Aluminum frame

Advanced measurements

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Note: We improve continually our products. No contractual data.
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