. Coaxial


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Professional coaxial designed to cover 70 - 20 000Hz (-3dB).

Thanks the advanced motor structure, the Carbone fiber cone and the linear suspension, the mid-woofer has very low THD, and very dynamic sounding.


The compression driver uses Neodymium magnet, treated aluminum dome and integrates heat sink for better power handling.

We suggest a crossover point around 2800Hz, 12dB/Oct


T&S parameters


Fs : 61Hz

SPL : 93.5dB /2,8V /1m

Re : 7Ω

Qms : 16.4%

Qts : 0.257%

Bl : 9.93N/A

VAS : 14.01L

Mms : 9.6g

Sd : 118cm²

Frequency responses

On IEC baffle

Distance: 1m

Signal input: 2,83V

Lines: speaker axe

Dash curves: 40° & 60°

Low frequency simulated:

10L vented enclosure

Tuning frequency: 66Hz

Blue: Woofer

Yellow: Tweeter

Smoothing: 1/12 Octave


Impedance measured in free air

Cox165_vPA_Rep Fr +Z.PNG

Mechanical drawing

Unit: [mm]

Advanced design

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company


Carbon fiber cone

NBR low profile surround

36mm Cu voice coil

Kapton former

Demodulated by Aluminum ring

Optimized pole pieces

.kiet coil venting

Innovative .dynamiK spider profile

Fully opened Aluminum frame

Dual magnets (Fe & NdFeB)

15600 Gauss on 5mm height


Treated aluminum dome

KSV former

1inch CCAW  voice coil

Al. cooled back chamber

Dome front radiation

Low compression rate

Optimized pole pieces

High grade NdFeB magnet (N48H)

14600 Guass on 2.2mm height

Cox165_vPA _ Drawing.PNG
Surround Kompliance.png
Dynamik Spider.png
Konstant Le(X).png


Karmen 6.756.jpg
Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

Loudspeakers used:

PA source point with very low distortion and natural sounding.


It can also be used as satellite speaker in cinema.

It use our 6" advanced coaxial speaker to cover 800Hz to 22000Hz (-3dB),

93dB/2.8V/1m sensitivity,

150W power handling (300W music program).

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