Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

​Diameter: 120mm

Fs: 128Hz

SPL: 89.5dB/2,8V/1m

Designed for compact pro system or cinema lovers, it covers 100Hz to 3000Hz with high dynamic range.

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

​Diameter: 165mm

Fs: 96Hz

SPL: 95dB/2,8V/1m

Dedicated to demanding professional, it covers 100Hz to 2500Hz (-3dB) in a vented enclosure of 5L only.

Crédit photo: .Kartesian company

​Diameter: 165mm

Fs: 56Hz

SPL: 92dB/2,8V/1m

Combines high efficiency and bass reproduction - Ideal to keep low crossover point with subwoofer (~60Hz).

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